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Southend's First Parliamentary Election - A keenly contested battle ensued at the ballot box as well as on the streets of Southend.  The country returned a Liberal but Southend, new to this electoral system, set its future course with a Conservative.

Pier Toll House - With the pier in place and becoming an attraction in it's own right it seemd fitting for it to have a grand entrance, in 1885 a magnificent toll house was opened, and proved very fitting for the pier of its day.  Within the design of the toll house were ornate garlands and fish.  When the structure had served iots purpose it was dismantled in 1931 and the fish elements of it were transferred to the Olde Worlde garden in Priory Park, and can still be seen today.



Tragic Accident - Shoebury Garrison was rocked by an accident which would claim 7 lives, on Thursday 26th February 1885 at 3.30pm.  A 6-inch shell detonated while being prepared for firing, just east of the old battery (today the Heavy Quick Firing Battery).  The Southend Standard worte of the event two days later '...The gloom over Shoeburyness is intense.  Such deep grief has never over shadowed it before... perhaps it will never be paralleled again.  The blow has struck all ranks, from the humblest to the highest.  The men as well as the officers were held in esteem and kindly regard...'

The firm of H. Garon Ltd - owners of food shops, restaurants, a hotel, bakery, cinema, etc, came into existence with the opening of a shop at 64 High Street in 1885 (This was soon followed by other shops, and in 1890 the first of Garon's ten cafe's and restaurants was opened).  



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