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The Iron Pier Opens - It took two years to build the pier enough for it to be formally opened to the public; there would be another two years of ongoing construction before final completion.  This massive project would replace the old wooden pier which demonstrated the need for a link to tSir John Betjeman by you.he low water.  But it fell into a bad state of repair and became particularly dagnerous to venture on as discovered by government inspectors in 1882.  The new iron pier provided a new longer term future that proved resistent to fires and damage casued by ships ploughing into it.  At last this structure would be home to many years of seaside entertainment and provide a suitable berth for the steam boats that would take visitors as far as France.

Prittlewell Linked to Southend by Road - Victoria Avenue was formally opened on 1st June.  Prittlewell was being forced into a union with it's much younger sibling on the coast the South End.  Originally entering Prittlewell you would come in from North Road and the take either East or West Road.  There was no South Road.  Buildings stood in the way including the original Blue Boar Pub.  Victoria Avenue would provide a direct link to the coast and with a bit of demolition and the rebuilding of the pub onto the west side of the new Victoria Avenue, a route was born.  North Road too lost it's name and Victoria Avenue took on the mantle right through to Cuckoo Corner.

Southend Victoria by you.OCTOBER GER to Southend - Southend as a genuine visitor venue became a reality when London was formally linked to Southend Victoria.  For Southend it was majorly important so much so a grand opening of Southend Victoria station was held on 1st October 1889.  The London Tilbury Southend line was already in operation, so GSouthend Central by you.reat Eastern Railways would become major competition.  The Central Station building of the LTS as we know it today was also opened in 1889, replacing earlier versions.

Clarence Road Baptist Church - Formed in May 1882 by Rev. J.G. Wilson and 45 members, all of whom had split from Southend Baptist Tabernacle. Services were held in the Public Hall in Alexandra Street until 1883 when an iron building was erected in Clarence Street. A permanent building opened on 17 May 1889 adjoining the iron building which was thereafter used as a lecture hall. The church was demolished in 1981 and new premises were erected c .1982


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