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The Essex Yacht Club - Naturally the coastline along Southend would be home to a number of yacht and motorboat clubs through the years.  This year 1890 would see the birth of one of the most enduring clubs, The Essex Yacht Club.  Situated along the walkway between Chalkwell beach and Old Leigh.  Although it started in a bungalow at the base of Leigh Cliff the first Headquarters would be accommodated aboard a boat called Gypsy.  This would be the beginning of the clubs long relationship with retired boats that became home.  Today a former naval boat called the Wilton has the honour.

R A Jones established in the High Street

The new Steel/iron Structure of the pier was complete

Westcliff HotelTemperance Hotel Built - An addition to the town's skyline was built in 1890.  The West Cliff hotel arrived and retains the record of being the longest surviving hotel in the town.

SODS Founded - Southend-on-Sea Operatic and Dramatic Society (the SODS) was founded in 1890 and research concludes that only six societies in the whole of the country came into existence before that year and still survive.








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