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Severe Fire in Old Leigh - 2nd October 1892 - The original Peter Boat pub along with a string of original cottages some dating back to tudor times went up in flames one January night.  The Landlord  and his brother-in-law were staggering down some stairs in the tavern well oiled from the night before.  One carrying a lamp, he stumbled and fell, the resulting crash led to flames engulfing the one wall, and being timber framed buildings it did not take long for the fire to take hold.  Fishermen were dragged from their beds to form a chain to bring water onto the fire but to no avail. Not only did the fire destroy a significant amount of Old Leigh heritage but it also uncovered the smugglers cellar which lay underneath the pub's cellar.
New College for the Town - Alexandra College opened its doors this year, a Higher Education facility designed solely for girls and probably the match needed for the St John's College for boys.  Alexandra College built up a solid reputation as an educational facility and would grow in size both pupil and facilities, gaining a reputation as one of the foremost colleges outside London.  The college had the ability to take day and boarding students.

Soccer League Born - Sport has always been important through Southend's being; so it is no surprise that in the early years of the town's development sport factored keenly, not least this year with the inception of the Southend and District School's Football League. 

Southend Celebrates -  A significant year in the history of Southend.  The town becoming recognised as a authority in it's own right.  Spectacular scenes were seen across the town when Borough status was proclaimed.  The Lord Mayor of London led a parade along the pier to the Pier Pavilion in celebration.


The charter day medal award to the 1743 school children registed in Southend on the day (NOTE: Part of the back has been obscrured to prevent copies being produced)

Thomas Dowsett became Southend’s first mayor…..

Southend Population - 13,000; Rateable Value - £82,000

New School - Brewery Road School was built in 1892 to cope with the demands of the growing population to the east of the town.

Keddies Opened its First Shop - For many years Keddies became the flagship department store of the town and instrumental in changing the way people went about shopping.  



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