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Pier Hill Fairground - On Pier Hill, on the site where the Palace Hotel was later built, was the Pier Hill Fairground.    Here were more roundabouts, swings, scenic railway, Roly Poly ride, fortune tellers, boxing  booths and other amusements. In 1893 the local father and son partnership of Alfred and Bernard Wiltshire Tollhurst, solicitors, had decided to buy up land at the east end of the town for the creation of a new park, for both residents and trippers. This was to be the Marine Park and Gardens. A small, four acre, annexe was to reserved for amusements, such as a scenic railway and dancing platform.

George & Sons Ltd - A confectioners started business in Hartington Road this year by.  Mr George Isaacs was the founder who died in 1943.  The factory moved to the High Street in 1899, and then moved between Salisbury Road and North Road in 1913.

New Name - In June the Council formally agreed to change the name of the town to Southend-on-Sea, intentionally to market it towards it being a major seaside resort.

Leigh Road Baptist Church - The Baptist movement in Leigh was started by Arthur Sidey who visited the area in 1893 at the age of 19. An iron chapel was erected on land in Sea View Road given by William Beecroft (a Billingsgate fish salesman and a Congregationalist) in 1893, with Sidey as the first pastor (Sidey left in 1898 to serve Westcliff Baptist Church). when the Sea View Road site was sold in 1899, because of restrictions on the land, services were held in a marquee and the pastor's house until a new site was acquired at the corner of Leigh Road and Marguerite Drive in 1900. A new iron chapel was erected and called the Baptist Tabernacle, Leigh, the first service being held there in November 1900. Further plots of land were purchased to enlarge the site. A school chapel was built in 1908, and in 1928 a new church was erected, the old iron building being demolished the following year. Mission churches were opened in Eastwood (1911) and London Road in Leigh (1913).

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