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 New Hotel for Town Centre - The Hotel Victoria was a majestic building that dominated the junction, situated on the corner of the High Street and Southchurch Road. It opened in 1899, and had 100 rooms, each of which had electric lighting and steam radiators on each floor kept the building warm in

New Hotel for Leigh-on-Sea - By 1899 Leigh-on-Sea was expanding East and becoming a cosmopolitan town, enhanced further by the buildinThe Grandg of the iconic Grand Hotel by Henry Choppin; originally named the "Leigh-on-Sea Family and Commercial Hotel". Located at the end of a shopping precinct in a thriving area, and is thought to be haunted!  Partially listed this is an impressive four storey building.  Unfortunately the 2009 credit saw the building vacant.  Recently however, news is on the horizon of a new takeover which could see the old building return to its former use as a hotel. winter.

Hotel for Shoeburyness - Hotels were popping up a plenty across the Borough.  Outside the Garrions gates the Shoeburyness Hotel was complete replacing a previous tavern which existed ion the same footprint of land.  The hotel was built in an Arts and Crafts style and became famous for being a training base for boxers attached to the Garrison, such as Bombadier Wells.  Today the hotel is due for redevelopment and will be knocked down in favour of flats.

Shoeburyness Hotel by you.

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