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Key Southend Businessman Born  -    4 Jul 1901 - Eric Kirkham Cole was born in Westcliff-on-Sea.  He founded Ekco Ltd which became essential for the British war effort and key as a major employer.  The 1950's saw the company employ in excess of 5,000 people.  The Prittlewell Priory hosts a diplay of products from this famous factory including radios and televisions.  Today the site off Prittlewell Chase is being demolished.

College Foundation Stone Laid - A key piece in the development of the town's educational future was achieved in 1901 with the laying of the foundation stone by Lord Avebury.  Starting the build for Southend's Technical/Municipal College.  Education throughout the town's history has always been important, reflected in the retaining of 4 key grammar schools.  The development of South East Essex College and the ongoing development of the Essex University in the town.  Maybe this stone laying started the ball rolling...

First Trams Ran in Southend - The terminus was outside the Middleton Hotel next to the Luker Brewery, which would have been then Whitegate Road, but now known as the High Street.  The first routes were to Southchurch, July St Clements Church in Leigh, Prittlewell and the Cricketers Pub in Westcliff.  There was also a route from the Kursaal to Southchurch Road.

Tower Hotel Arrives - On Alexandra Road, the building that became a hotel in 1923 started life in 1901 as a unique gentlemen's residence called "Taranaki".  The venue since 1923 went under various names but today is more commonly recognised as the Tower Hotel.

The Tower Hotel by you.

PictureBuchanan Dies - Robert Buchanan famous Poet, Author and dramatist dies on 10th June, and is buried in St John the Baptist churchyard.  Buchanan, was a famous resident of the town living in Byculla House on Clifftown Parade, as well as the Hamlet Court in Hamlet Court Road.  Indeed some of his best known work was created while living in the Hamlet such as Andromeda 


Cliff Lift Built - Built as Reno's Electric Stairway the Cliff Lift started its life in Southend in 1901.  Built immediately west of the Alexandra Yacht Club, patrons could travel on it for the price of 1d.  It was replaced in 1911 by the current Cliff Lift structure.

The Kursaal is Built  - As a challenge to Blackpool's Winter Gardens, The Kursaal was built named after Ostend's pleasure palace.  The dome of the Kursaal became known as the place to meet your future love and many a marriage evolved from this first encounter under the dome.  It was opened on 24th July 1901 by Lord Claud Hamilton.  Clifton Jay Moorhouse became the first of a Moorhouse dynasty to take the reigns at this elaborate fun park.  He further opened this year an amazing ball room capable of holding some 2,000 dancers, the dance floor was built on some 8,000 carriage springs the cost of this venture was £3,000 and quickly recouped the expense for the new owner.

 The Kursaal 1950's by you.

Havens of Westcliff Established - Located on Hamlet Court Road this retail department store retains its old world charm while ensuring its business reflects the times.  As popular as the store is to visit, a large amount of its business is carried out across the internet.  Haven's Website

 Leigh's population reached 3,667







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