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 General Election


Southend                                          Majority 1,911

  • JHM Kirkwood Con 11,199
  • Rowland Whitehead Lib 9,288




Disastrous industrial Fire - In mid February a fire in St Ann's Road would cause great distruction.  William Sharpe's builder's merchants filled with wood, paint and other materials that would feed a fire nicely, erupted.  Taking with it a large warehouse and shop.  Surrounding the site are tightly-knit terraced housing which created great concern for the residents who tried to barricade their properties from the raging fires and evacuated inhabitants and removed anything of value.  Crowds started to build which caused problems for the fire service to access the fire.  The large builidng destroyed ran between Maldon Road and St Ann's Road.

Sacred Heart Opens - A new catholic church on Southchurch Road formerly opened this year, a large and distinguished assembly of catholic clergy were in attendance led by His Grace the Archbishop of Westminster.  Father Norgate (left) would conduct the mission at the church.

St Bernard's Girls CaSt Bernard by you.tholic School Opened - Located in Milton Road, St Bernard's Girls Catholic School in 1910 opened it's doors.  St Bernard's became established and opened with a compliment of 120 day girls and five lay teachers on 29th September 1910.  At the time there probably seemed to be lots of room to expand for the future, in reality today, with the spread of the this south Westcliff area, they have reached a point where the only way to grow would be upwards or maybe downwards.  The school is noted for one of it's former girls, Dame Helen Mirren who lived in Westcliff and still returns on occasion for prize giving ceremonies.

Leigh Regatta is Born -  Emulating successful regattas in Southend and using the event as away to boost business through tourism Leigh Regatta was born.  Full of water based events such as sailing, rowing, sculling and swimming races, not forgetting the legendary greasy pole and fireworks in the evening.  the Regatta was abandoned due to the start of the Second World War, but was relaunched in the 70's, and enjoyed still today. 



Storms - Violent storms hit the area in 1910, and particularly affected the junction at the Cricketer's pub in Westcliff, a prime flooding point at any time, even still today.  The image captures fencing around Marine Park on Woodgrange Drive blown down.


Empire Opens in Leigh - The Empire Palace opened on 3rd December 1910, with a very keen audience waiting to watch the first show 'The Heads of the World'.  The building was located behind the Grand Hotel.  The site including Overtons next door was demolished in January 2009.

RA Jones Gift - In March 1910, the new tramways ticket office in Victoria Circus became the recipient of a gift from R A Jones in the shape of a clock placed in the central turret on behalf of the Corporation.

Anyone for Bowls - The Borough was becoming popular for the sport of bowls and this was underlined with the forming of the Southend Bowls Club in Victoria Avenue in 1910. 

Job Centre Arrives - The very first Employment Exchanges came into existence in the UK in 1910.  Southend's need to solve unemployment was demonstrated when it received one of the first Employment Exchanges in the February of the same year, initially they would assist with the filling of vacancies for building and engineering trades, but as the war advanced in 1914 they became essential towards recruiting for the armed forces.

To Thorpe Bay by Train - The summer of 1910 saw the opening of another rail station 2 miles east of Southend Central.  On 1st July, Thorpe Bay saw passengers arriving and departing on the LTS line.  the station for a matter of days took the title of Southchurch Station, but was rebranded courtesy of Colonel Burges's Thorpe Hall Estate.  The area around at this time was still quite rural and begged for advanced development, time would not disappoint.


The Roots of Flight -  July 1910 proved to be an exciting time for the town as some 2,000 people gathered at Roots Hall, not to watch football as the stadium did not exist then, but at this time the fields that covered this area became the perfect site for what was thought to be the first powered flight in the town.  George Barnes the pilot covered some 50 yards leaving the ground high enough to clear a fence.  Little did he know that this first flight in front of large crowds would not be the last with the air show being a future mass attraction.

St Erkenwalds's Church Second Phase Constructed - A famous church built on the junction of York Road and Southchurch Avenue.  A 'Marmite' style of architecture very bold design, that was loved or hated. It fell foul to a huge fire in the latter part of it's life when in a sate of dereliction; so its final demise was not difficult to predict in 1995. Check out the website: Click

Southend's First Female Councillor - The times were a changing when Westborough Ward elected the Borough's first female Councillor.  Miss Bannester was the Principal of Alexandra College.

Panto Time -  This year's festive theatrical treat would lie in the hands of Aladdin at the town's key venue The Empire Theatre.  The production was of exceptional merit and drew large audiences.  Messrs. Glenville and Osmond's Company was one of the best that ever visited Southend, and the piece was mounted and dressed with exceptional brilliancy.  The cast was a strong one, including Miss Hettie Zillwood as "Aladdin,"  Mr Tom E Sinclair as "Abanazar," and Mr Clarence Turner as "The Widow Twankey."

More Church Building - 1910 was a good year for church building the foundations for Crowstone Congregational Church were laid.  On 24th September solemn Masonic rites marked the stone-laying of St Saviour's, Westcliff.


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