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Eric Cole Arrives - Ekco Ltd set up their new factory in Southend.


Chalkwell Park Methodist Church built in 1930

Essex Yacht Club Change Boat - The Gypsy had served the club for a number of years, but time took its toll of the floating headquarters so much so, this year the club moved into a former Tilbury ferry boat called 'Carlotta', which was also renamed 'Gypsy'.  However, with the outbreak of the Second World War, the Essex Yacht Club's HQ was soon requisitioned by the Government, being sunk near Tower Pier, london, by enemy action.  This left Essex homeless until for a short period they took over the Old Leigh Station buildings previous to the purchase in 1947 of 'Lady Savile' - a Dover harbour tender of substantial proportions.

Dramatic Lifeboat Rescue - November brought about a regular rescue for the lifeboat team at Southend pier.  The Thames Barges were suffering angry waters causing them to drag there anchors, and the crews of no less than 4 barges needed assistance.  Burning blankets achieved the result of raising the alarm, and it was not long befiore the Greater London was plucking the crews from their stricken vessels the Marion, Emily, Charles and Esther.

New Church for Leigh - St Margaret's Church is situated on Lime Avenue in Leigh and was built in 1930 and is one of Southend's more recent churches.  The first priest-in-charge was Father Francis Hilditch.  The foundation stone for the church building was laid on 26th July 1930 by Henry Wilson, the Bishop of Chelmsford, and most of the church was built within 40 weeks at the cost of £8,500. The north aisle and Blessed Sacrament (Ascension) chapel was added later in 1938. The mission church became the church hall and survived for a further 34 years.

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JULY The Great Rameses Dies - This amazing magician, although born in Russian Poland had a soft spot for Southend.  He had toured most of the countries music halls under his titel of the Great Rameses but was really called Albert Marchinsky.  In 1917 he decided to plough his fortune into the Empire Theatre in Alexandra Street, but this brave venture failed and he went back out on the road.  In 1930 he was back in the town, in July he needed an urgent operation and died in the Victoria Hospital in Warrior Square aged 54.

Kent Elm's Corner - An area of Eastwood that meets up with the A127,  housing in this area started to be developed this year.  This ladn area includes the Devonshire Gardens estate. 

Dixons Begins - Charles Kalms opens the first Dixons photographic studio at 32 High Street, Southend.  Not to be mistaken for JL Dixons at the top of the High Street.  This Dixons became the national brand later absorbed into Currys.

Southchurch Hall - This magnificent Tudor hall now in the hands of the Local Authority, received a much needed makeover in 1930.  Some original doorways and windows were uncovered during the restorations.  The Hall was used as a public library until 1973 and now houses a local museum that attracts around 18000 visitors annually.

AUGUST A Queen is Crowned - This year noted The Hippodrome, in Southchurch Road; which at this time was the live entertainment venue of the town.  Seeing the likes of Gracie Fields, Houdini, Flanagan and Allen and Little Titch, would witness amazing crowds turning up for the crowning of this year's Carnival Queen, so packed people were standing at the back of the auditorium and sitting in the aisles on 15th August 1930.




Live Cricket at the Pier - At a time when TV was in its infancy and radio's were too heavy to lug around, there was always away to keep up with the latest sport.  Thanks to Johnnie Walker whisky who sponsored a number live scoreboards one being at the pier entrance cricket fans could watch the action on the board as it happened.  This amazing bit of machinery worked in conjunction with a team of commentators live at the ground along with telephony linking the board operators.

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