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Southend's People - Contributions are very welcome to any page throughout this website.  Here are a number of images from Hamlet Court School from around 1970.  Click the link to discover Southend's People 1970

Westcliff Pool Welcomes Dolphins - The Westcliff Pool for many years had been the place to go to for a swim on Western Esplanade, midnight splash parties being a particular activity.  The late 60's however and the tourist pound going overseas meant Southend's best known treasures had to diversify or die.  the Westcliff Pool was no different and during 1970 it be came a Dolphinarium.  It did not last, and the pool became built over to be what is now the Maxim's Casino.

General Election

June 1970


Southend West                                Majority 16,885

  • Paul Channon Con 23,480
  • Motel Burstin Labour 12,419
  • Jack Barnett Lib 7,077




Southend East                                                  Majority  6,960



  • Sir Stephen McAdden Con 24,025
  • Peter Clyne Labour 17,065


Shoeburyness High School opens

Fire Hits Seafront - Huge gales set off problems along Marine Parade on the seafront, 9th September 1970 creating a large fire which destroyed a few buidings and damaging others including the Criterion and the Ivy House pubs.  These photos show pre and post fire.


 KeyMed Arrives - KeymeKeymedd, one of Southend's more successful businesses is formed.  To be mentioned as one of the top fifty companies in the country.  KeyMed has made an important mark on Southend not least due to its continual support in road safety measures across the Borough.

Southend Stadium Makes TV History   The long gone stadium off Sutton Road made a name for itself in the sport of Greyhound racing in 1970.  Due to the foresight of installing a brilliant lighting system, the races were able to run at night.  The BBC picked up on this and broadcast the first ever colour transmission from Southend.  The race was a heat of the BBC TV Trophy won by Hi Diddle who went on to win the final a week later at White City Manchester.

A Swimmer is Born - Mark Foster, born on 12th May 1970 in Southend became a successful British swimmer, further recognised with Mark having the honour of carrying the flag and leading out 'Team GB' at the Opening Ceremony of the Chinese Olympics in 2008.


 British Air Ferries




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