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Busted Star is Born - James Bourne (born 13 September 1983 in Southend). Now living in LA, is a singer/songwriter and co-founder of the two former Pop punk bands Son of Dork and Busted. He is currently pursuing a solo career while working with a new band called Call Me When I'm 18.

General Election

9th June 1983 


Southend West                                  Majority 8,033

  • Paul Channon Con 26,360
  • C Grant Lib 18,327
  • Mrs J Nisbet Labour 8,043



Southend East                                             Majority 10,691

  • Teddy Taylor Con 23,753
  • C George SDP 11,052
  • C O'Brien Labour 6,188



Funding for the Pier - A grant from the Historic Buildings Committee meant the much needed repair work to the Pier could commHMS Illustrious & Southend Pierence and new railway and rolling stock could be bought.




Museum Auctioned Off - In May 1983, Southend Aircraft Museum, in Aviation Way, auctioned off its aircraft.  One of the Tiger Moths, once a star attraction, is today providing experience flights at Duxford.

New Newspaper - A fortnightly newspaper started arriving through peoples letter boxes in the area.  The Leigh Times, incorporating the Westcliff Times was launched.

Nasty Town Centre Fire - In January, Alexandra Street was the focus of a vicious fire which erupted in Tintern Textiles.  Six fire engines were called to the scene which would see one fireman being injured.  The early evening fire brought a crowd of some 200 home bound commuters to watch the drama unfold.

First Southend Marathon - Marathon's seem to be hitting the right note across the country, and Southend was no different this year with the first run of its kind starting from Chalkwell Park on Sunday 12th June.  Some 5,000 runners took up the challenge.

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