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Grand Pier Hotel Demolished - Another iconic Southend building bit the dust this year.  Along with many other buildings in this footprint as work commenced towards building the new shopping centre, The Royals

Invicta in Southend - Rugby league came to Southend on 9th September 1984 when Southend Invicta ran out on the Roots Hall pitch.  Due to a lack of interest all round the team lasted only one season.

Churchill's Arrives - Socialising in Southend town centre would change forever with the arrival of a new modern approach to the pub.  On Tyler's Avenue Churchill's arrived in August 1984.



Hamlet Court Infant School Flattened -   The infants school to the rear of the site off Hamlet Court Road and Claremont Road, was demolished in 1984.   The near neighbour Hamlet Court Junior School went in 1972 which was the section closer to the London Road and Hamlet Court Road as can be seen in the image above. Many plans came forward for this site including an Adventure Playground, retirement flats and a YMCA hostel, fortunately for Hamlet Court Road as a shopping centre the car park expanded and houses sprung up to the rear of the footprint.  The final school building on this site was claimed by the bulldozer six years later in 1990.

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England Hero Joins Roots Hall - Bobby Moore joins Southend Utd as Chf Exec and Manager for a short period.  His first game in charge as Manager of Southend United. Southend beat Reading 5-0 in the F.A. Associate Members Cup

Gunners Park Opens to the Public - Developed as a gun range during the Napoleonic Wars, the park remains the property of the Ministry of Defence.  Since 1984 it has been leased by the Borough Council for public use.  Today there are elements of development to the edge of the park by Gladedale Homes, but much of the 84 acres has been left to scrub providing a habitat for a variety of wildlife.  Part of the park is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its flora and is managed as a Nature Reserve by Essex Wildlife Trust.  The future promises a new Heritage Centre and possibly a Mountain Bike track around some buried munition stores.

Westcliff Rugby Build Clubhouse - Aviation Way saw the arrival of a new Clubhouse for Westcliff Rugby Club, with a 60 year lease from Southend Council.  The pitches provided to are also leased but maintained by the council.

Southend Jockey Dies - Brian Taylor was a prolific jockey who had raced in most if not all the major seasons races across the world.  However, 4th December 1984 would be his last race in Hong Kong at the Sha Tin racecourse riding horse Silver Star. Coming to the finishing line the horse threw the jockey and he suffered serious neck and head injuries, he succumbed a few days later in hospital.  Brian was born in Southend in 1939 and had some key titles to his name. 


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