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What would Southend Pier be without the odd fire here and there? - Another fire at the pier. 

On 7th June 1995 Southend woke up to the buzzing of Helicopters flying over the burning pier in the bowling alley beaming live pictures to breakfast news broadcasts.  An electrical fault in the kitchen sent sparks into the bowling alley structure which created a massive inferno.  This was a repeat fire of the one that attacked the bowling alley in 1976.  It provided as usual an amazing sight being so close to the shore line. The speculation at the time would fit Fraser from Dad's Army "Its Doomed, all doomed".  But here today it still stands having suffered another fire in 2005, but with a promised investment from the Council should shine it up again ready for the great British public once again.




Ace Shakedown Begins - 1995 saw the start of the very first Ace Cafe Shakedown, this brilliant event always takes place on the Easter Monday and involves thousands of motorbikes of every genre.  A fantastic spectacle to view along Southend Seafront.

St Erkenwald's Church is Demolished -   This grand old church, on the junction with York Road and Southchurch Avenue, was finally erased from the Southend skyline.  Having suffered a fire 3 years ago, it was always likely. Check out website: Click

The Adventure Begins - Peter Pan's Playground expands east of the Pier the Adventure has started.  One of the town's best entrepreneurs Phillip Miller, began his expansion of the newly named Adventure Island east of the pier.  The former boating lake was a perfect arena for a modern day seaside theme park.  To accommodate the latest in rides and attractions.  Its continual improvement has allowed it to become the jewel in the crown for Southend's seafront, and now includes part of its family Southend Radio 105.1 fm.   Adventure Island Website

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New Area Codes - As part of the national change of the telephone Area Codes Southend changed on 16th April 1995 from 0702 to 01702.





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